The Best Free Business Name Generators that Businessmen Use for Ideas in 2018

Tools like business name generators are one of those things that can really make your life as a new business owner much easier. Depending on the type of name that you are after and the budget that you have, then options are endless, but the goal of every name generator is to provide you with the perfect name for your business. To make things even better, we have put together some free business name generator tools that you should definitely check out because they are guaranteed to give you some great name suggestions for your new business.

One Click Name

Something that is very special about this business name generator is that it offer you a logo design for very name that it generates. There are thousands of different business names on this generator, but the catch is that they are premium ones, which means that they could cost you at least a few hundred dollars to buy. The generator itself is pretty easy to use and all you have to do is type in a keyword or the niche that your brand belongs to and you will immediately see some relevant brand names that will suit your business. Something else that the price tag will bring you apart from a great name and a logo, is a backstory of the name itself and the feelings behind it.


One of the best things about this free business name generator is the fact that it will exclusively show you brand names that are available for you use. The names that this generator comes up with are really catchy and unique and you will be able to easily filter the options that you get when you type in your keyword. You can adjust any results based on the language that you want to use, the pattern, quality, length and so on. After you find the perfect name for you, you will be redirected to the GoDaddy website where you will be able to purchase the business name.

Ecommerce guide

This is another business name generator that is really easy to use because all you have to do is add in a couple of keywords that you want to associate to your brand and you will get a bunch of suggestions that will all be directly based on the keywords that you typed in. The suggestions may include names that have had letters removed, prepended words or appended words, but the main point is that the main keyword you gave the generator will be in the base of the name, and that is exactly what this generator does best.

Every generator brings something new to the table and it is up to you to decide which one of them will give you the best names for you to choose between. Even if you don’t end up falling in love with any of the names that a certain free business names generator gives you, you can still move on to the next one, or simply sue the given names as inspiration to come up with something even more unique on your own.

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